Chaplin's World , An incredible time travel
A graphic territory and a visual identity for the new museum dedicated to the life and the legendary work of Charlie Chaplin


Chaplin’s world by Grévin is a unic cultural entertainment place proposing an incredible time travel that is based on the symbiosis between cinematographic, multimedia and virtual universes. An immersion into Charlie Chaplin’s world to live an emotional meeting with one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, and with the celebrities who impacted his life.

In a greenery casel site, between lakes and mountains, the doors of the mythic Ban’s manor, family estate where Chaplin lived, open to the public to promote the highlights of the artist’s life. A big film studio, rebuilt as the original one, within the park, offers the experience of unforgettable discoveries through an interactive trail.

A fascinating trip back in time in which CBA had the opportunity to participate, through the creation of its graphic identity !

True vision

Universal icon, visionary and revolutionary artist, Charlie Chaplin is a figure deeply entrenched in the cultural heritage of the 20th century, and for whom the imaginary and iconography have frequently been trivialized.

In order to make Chaplin’s world by Grévin a reference brand on the cultural entertainment market, we had to ensure its immediate recognition in Switzerland as well as abroad.

Creating a new identity without distorting the whole Chaplin’s universe ? A major challenge CBA had the chance to take-up.

CBA came up with a graphic style derived from a launch pad brand, an identity (logo design, graphic guidelines and declination guidelines), and a visual and colorial territory which highlights the human being and makes rediscover the intrinsic features of Chaplin’s heritage (the illusion, the timelessness, the artistic excellence, the humor and emotion, the power and the magic artwork).

Chaplin’s world by Grévin is an international brand which intends to share the heritage of both the public figure and the man, and his total body of work, to future générations.

By Grévin, the parent brand, guarantees Chaplin’s world artistic and scenographic skills.

Creative expression

The chosen concept, « face to face », plays on the various aspects of Charlie Chaplin’s private and public life : the creative idea comes into a surprising iconographic language that revealed both the human being and its character in his whole complexity and complementarity.

The logo design plays subtly on the syntactic proximity between Charlie and Chaplin : the purpose was to invite the spectator to change his perspective.

The graphic style must be read as a dialogue, proposing a vocabulary of forms, rounds and original typefaces, inspired by Chaplin’s universe.

The color universe is simple and contrasting, an alternation of black and white, a nod to silent films ; in combination with a symbolic added color, a copper showing the discreet elegance and sophisticate wealth of its artwork.

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